Earthquaker Devices Dunes - Gitaareffect

Earthquaker Devices Dunes - Gitaareffect

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From the same folks that brought you the Palisades uber-mega overdrive comes the Dunes mini-mega overdrive. It can still cop that hot-rodded Screamer tone in spades, and it still has more options than your average Screamer but with a much smaller footprint than its uber brother.

The Bandwidth and Voice rotary switches have been whittled down to the two most used selections on the Palisades: MOSFET, lift and Silicon voices and "stock" and "fat" Bandwidth settings (settings 3 and 5 from the Palisades).

Also making the jump to the small screen is the Bright switch, which is great for players using humbuckers or an inherently dark amplifier.

Most importantly, the tone and feel of the Palisades is carried into the Dunes as well. Set to stock modes (Normal, Si and Bandwidth left) it still sounds like a top-shelf Screamer.It's your Swiss Army knife, just without the toothpick and magnifying glass.

Like all EarthQuaker Devices, the Dunes is made with quality components  and hand-built within the trans-dimensional portal of Akron Ohio.

EarthQuaker Devices Dunes Overdrive Features:

    Three Voice settings: MOSFET, Silicon and lift
    Settings 3 and 5 from the original Palisades
    Bright switch for humbuckers/dark amps
    True bypass
    Standard 9v center-negative power operation

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