Mipro MM-107 Supercardioid Zang Microfoon

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Mipro MM-107 Supercardioid Zang Microfoon

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Mipro MM107 Supercardioid Zang Micro.
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TheMipro MM-107 is fitted with a MU-37 fixed supercardioid dynamic capsule module. Featuring smooth sound quality, wide frequency response and low feedback, it sustains high SPL without distortion and has a high Capability/Price ratio. Ideal for singing and public addressing.


    Fitted with MU-37 supercardioid capsule module.
    Focuses on the main sound source and minimizes background noise and feedback.
    Smooth sound quality and wide frequency response.
    Sustains high SPL without distortion.
    High Capability/Price ratio.
    The grille and the capsule are fixed on the housing. High Capability/Price ratio.