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Rockschool Jamstudio vzw

Dreaming about playing an instrument without having to go through endless theoretical lessons and solfège? Then VZW JAMSTUDIO might be something for you: our music lessons are focused on playing and are completely individual and interactive! The lessons are completely tailored to your level and your personal taste. Our team of experienced musicians assists you step by step, allowing you to grow at your own pace.

If you have mastered the basics, it is time for your first band: together with other students of your level you will be able to play your favourite songs. For these 'Jamstudio Bands' we also regularly provide stage opportunities. In short, VZW JAMSTUDIO guides you from your first exercises to a place 'in the spotlights'!

VZW JAMSTUDIO provides courses tailored to your needs for the following instruments:



Become a master of the six string! It doesn’t matter if you want schred on an electric or to strum an acoustic: our teachers will guide you to achieve your goals!


Piano / Keyboard

As a pianist, you can make the music a little more intimate, but you can also complete songs. On the keyboard, you can complete the music with all kinds of sounds present in your instrument. During these lessons, you will learn to find the notes on your keyboard with known songs.



As a drummer you provide the tempo and the beat. Our drum teachers will teach you the basics and more. Soon you’ll be playing along with all your favorite songs!



The bass player is a very important person in the band. He or she is actually the one who is responsible for the groove. Want to work on your own groove and learn all about those bass techniques? Our teachers will be happy to meet up!



The singer of the band is most often the star. But stardom does not come in a day! Therefor we have some specialized teachers who will teach you all the techniques!


Band performance

Do you want to perform in a band, or do you already have a band? At Jamstudio our teachers, with years of band experience, can guide you to an even better performance. Also if you’re looking for your first experience in a band, we can help you. Together with some students of the same level you can team up to form your first band. After a while you get the chance to perform on a real stage!